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Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology


Here you can see at which locations workstations with Retina computers can be found.

Location ETIT Retina computer pool Building/Room number Workstations PC
ETIT Computer Pool Physics
Chair of Data Processing Systems, Physics Building
P1-01-108 65
ETIT Computer Pool IRF
IRF - Institute for Robotics Research
IRF-111 17
ETIT Computer Pool Chemistry
Chemistry Building
C1-03-430 17

In addition, ITMC provides thin-client workstations in the ITMC computer pools for access to general Windows operating system environments.

Location public ITMC computer pool Building/Room number Workstations Thin Clients
Seminar Building 1 (SRG1) SRG1 0.027 16
Chemistry Building C2-01-701 9
Emil-Figge-Strasse 50 (EF50) EF50 0.237 12
Emil-Figge-Straße 50 (EF50) EF50 2.333 15